Welcome to my safe zone

Hi there! I am Gabrielle! I come from an amazing family, I am the youngest other than Lily our perfect doggy. I have a passion for the environment, and all aspects including society. I hope to one day be part of a change in the world. I am a proud puppy mom of a boggle, boston terrier and beagle mix, named Loch. I began my friendhship with Ana, my eating disorder, at about age nine. I thought it was a blessing, that is was good and safe but it is nothing I would wish on even my worst enemy. Everyday is a battle, not just for me but for everyone on this Earth. We all have our own demons that we must face, it is not what those demons are that matter but instead how we are shaped by the struggles we go through. The goal is not to simply squash the demon but to grow positively as human being. Falling on your face will happen and probably more than just once but you cannot just give up and lay down lifelessly… there is so much to life. There is far to much ahead of you, not all will be rainbows and sunshine but there is good in all that happens for that He is good.

Continue to have faith.

Rest in the sweetest peace Betty Jane.


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