Betty Jane

I have come to the conclusion that I am going all out decorating and planting the outside of the house for her. I have been gathering ideas but more than that it has just been a feeling, drawing me nearer to the idea. Missing her is not going to get better, we will always miss her presence but it is our duty to take that and interpret it in celebratory ways.
Along with everything else on my mind, my graduation party specifically is a big deal and darkened automatically without her. I plan to have a Disney themed party, I know she would run with the idea and adore it. The goal is to have it at my aunts seeing that her house is in the right town and has good space/a pool and all our family already knows where it is (and for my friends its less risk!)! I am planning this, well attempting to do so, alone. My family prefers last minute throwing things together type planing. Honestly I find that horrifically stressful, I just hope that despite my homes heavy hearts they are able to treat this the way Nini would. Graduating on time, with my class, solid grades is a feat! A feat that I feared I would never amount, along with getting into college! No I do not want money poured out over this, anything but, I do want a Gabby style celebration.
As for the theme I have some wild ideas! Some I assume are to far fetched hahah! To represent the movie up I would tie balloons behind the chimney seeing that at my aunts there is safe and easy access. Next would be The Little Mermaid, naturally characters in the pool, they also have a roof deck where I could drape Rapunzel’s “hair” off! Clearly there will be minions and a strong representation of Despicable me! In addition ideally I would come up with clever disney inspired games. Within limit of reality of course! I am excited but feel as though to those around me it is too minute to be acknowledged.


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