A letter to my unborn daughter,

A letter to an unborn daughter,

You are a blessing. I hope to There are many things I worry for you, there are even more that I wish for you. Let me tell you that all I want for you is a happy life whatever that is for you. Do not fret judgments or rejection, as I will always full accept you. Carry the love I have for you everywhere you venture to. I will always worry about you just as all mothers before me have worried for their children. Never apply a worldly value to yourself for you are more then the world can measure, and you are the world to me. Do not look at yourself with a critical eye because my dear that will only misconstrue to you who you are. When the mirror shows you something you do not like remember you are not in that mirror. That scar you have on your eyebrow from your childhood is not a blemish but a story. You are immeasurable, no one word such as pretty, thin, smart, will ever be able to contain you. Remember that I will always love you despite anything you fear. I am always here; promise me that at night you will not be locked behind your bedroom door nursing sobs and battle wounds. Take this advice, let others help you, when you experience weakness do not feel ashamed, keep in mind that you are on your very own journey one that is uniquely yours do not let the hovering evil of comparison sweep in. Accept yourself, you are all you have this one body, one mind, one soul, nourish them. Do not let them starve; show them appreciation. When you meet a stranger’s glance do not cringe but show them your smile for it may just save them. Help everyone you possibly can, but make sure to take care of yourself. Remember your worth my dear. When someone you care about treats you as though they do not care about you, they do not deserve your care.

You are enough, you always have been and you always will be no one can take that away from you. There is more healing in a book of quotes then in any bottle of liquor. There are times you will mess up, find the beauty in each mistake you make do not weigh yourself down with fear of life. If life leads you awry know that it has a map that no living being will ever be able to chart believe me if it were possible I would give you the map with all the shortcuts to happiness. Take each loving word you hear and save it for those days you cannot seem to force a smile. Let love in. Know what you believe in stand up for it and never sit down till you receive the result you desire. Do not give all yourself to a boy who leaves you feeling as if he only cares for himself. When you meet a boy who puts you down, put him out.. No throw him out! If a boy with clear blue eyes like an August sky greets you with such charm but fails to appreciate your worth unleash him in the wind. Know that you do not belong to anyone and the second a man tries to take you as his possession introduce him to a repo man. If the time comes and you meet a boy with eyes that you are seen through, who has the ability to make you laugh and smile at anytime, who has a heart he is willing to give you; let love in. But your self-worth dose not correlate to being in a relationship. Be wild; dance barefoot in the middle of a field of wild flowers singing your favorite songs aloud.

You are 32 Flavors and then some.. I want you to know that sometimes people are just mean without any cause or reason, I want even more to remove any of these people that you will cross throughout your life. Although it is apart of the journey I suppose, it is important for you to love yourself. For when you have self-love none of there empty words can break you. Girls are not nice to each other, I know that you will be kind to everyone so when you encounter these ‘mean girls’ you will not be able to understand how they treat people the way they do. Stay true to you and you will be just fine. Speak up for the ones who have no voice themselves, just remember do the right thing. Running with the cool crowd is a pointless chase because when you are unapologetically you people appreciate you. When it comes to friendship remember it is a two legged race to be successful you both need to be running together. Having one friend with mutual support and care is more important then the quantity of friends you have. Not everyone will understand you, not everyone will treat you the way you deserve to be treated, not everyone will stay with you forever, but you will be understood, you will be treated how you deserve, you will never be alone. In moments of self-doubt remember hope is bigger then any of you worries. If you feel like you never belong in this world think of all the wild flowers that sprout and flourish where they once did not exist. Look to the stars to keep you company. There is only complete darkness in the mind, do not trap yourself up there. Let your mind have thoughts like clouds just drifting peacefully along. Remember to fortify your soul.

Whatever you want to do, you can do it. Whom ever you want to become, you can become her. Keep your eyes looking for the good despite the bad.

Let your worries of the future fly off with birds in the sky.


You WILL make mistakes, sometimes you will feel the anger of you parents and family members but remember we all love each other.. that holds strong through the ups and downs that we face. Nothing is perfect, know this. Do all you do with an open heart and a wise mind and that will be the perfection..


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