The Overnight Walk “Out of the Darkness” Suicide Prevention.

When I heard of this walk I just had to get myself involved. So many people struggle and it is just swiped under the rug. The walk is a 16 to 18 mile walk that kicks off at 7:00pm and commences at 5:00am. I am team captain of ‘Choose Joy’ and we will walk to honor the lives lost, the lives fought, and the lives still fighting. Choose Joy is a team of friends and family but we are an open group accepting of anyone who would like to join! Most of the team members have personally struggled with depression, some of us, myself included, in the past have made attempts of taking our lives. Today we are in recovery and thankful for each day, even the hard ones. “After cancer and heart disease, suicide accounts for more years of life lost than any other cause of death.” ( Life is journey that does not always shine bright but it is important to see the light in the darkness.

Every donation counts, even simply sharing this to spread the word counts!

Thank you for your consideration.. Stay positive!


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