When We Look To the Sky

Maybe it is that I feel things too deeply….. but then it could be that I do not feel anything at all… When the heart breaks is there a standard feeling? Expression? When the feeling over worthlessness creeps about is there a certain way to respond? Are some feelings rare, are they meant to only be felt by a few? Who remembers the ones who have forgotten themselves?

Sometimes we are strangers in our own skin, sometimes we are watching ourselves live rather than living as ourselves. Carefully overseeing our own each move and scrutinizing it every step through.

Are we taught these things?

Are they innate?

When the air seems to have laced around you throat tightly with the excess of your thoughts, look up to the sky. In the darkest of places there is light even if it hidden or tucked away it remains. Quite your lips and let the wind be the only thing you hear. Look up and find your comfort in the moon and stars. You are among what you see glistening above you.


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