In other news this last Monday I found out that I would be allowed to attend the prom that Friday. Infused with both excitement and panic I rush to get everything in order! Immediately preceeding school I went to buy the ribbion/thread for my dress as well as the jewelry I would be wearing that night. Then I began looking for a prom date, thankfully my friend Alec was dateless and able to throw everything together on his side just in time! I had many mini-meltdowns over the week, one over my spray tan another over my dress, actually a lot over my dress. There were all these stains that came back on it as well as for it being to loose! Thankfully my mother saved the day, literaly just in the knick of time, by bringing it maybe not in the prettiest way but it did the job and I thought it looked great! Great thanks to my saviors, April and Kiki, who rushed over after track to do my make-up for me! Although this was not smooth sailing in anyway I really did have a lovely night!IMG_2226


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