Money Money Money

Cannot wait till I can give up “wordly” life and live as a hippie yogi. Deciding between paying just about ALL I have in my bank account or buying a cheap not promising Audi. I want to look at one more place before I can really think and make a descison. But God forbid my dad have time, no patience. My parents just go, well you’ll have to work two jobs over summer, like yea I was already planning on that but they mean 2 jobs and probably everyday fulltime hours. I have been looking forward to just being this summer, I really need this time to be with myself and focus on bettering as well as prepping myself for school in the fall. I have also been thinking of re-visiting the idea of going into a partial program for a bit just to help give me a foundation. But I cannot say this, let alone any of my other things, because I am too nervous about making my parents more concerned then they are to begin with. I know that this is my mess with the car, and I take responsibility, but am also a bit bitter because really only I would cause such minimal damage to the other car and major to mine, damn Snapple bottle. I hate money. It is as dangerous as booze, in my opinion. Of course I’d love to have money but that is just the problem for the people who don’t they just live their life stressed about it.


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