Now this is not written in a tone of self pitty,more like disappointment.. and self loathing. This pattern of things start to get better and then a catastrophe occours plauges my pathetic existence. I know, I know, “everyone feels that way” or it’s not true I’m lucky blah. Well I always try to reframe with those thoughts like that, for example, last year my miserable streak was breached by the cheer team I was helping coach placing and moving on and then I got into my first accident. Oh no it goes one step farther, it was in my mothers car as well. So is it bad luck? Bad timing? Wrong place? Wrong people? Or is it just life is cursed for me? Yeah that seems more believable from my point of view. It stings more that people around don’t believe in fighting for my ability to attend the prom, after working my ASS off this past year not just academically but on ten other excruciating levels. I am hurt and hopeless. Uh



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