I think it’s hitting me. Since her passing earlier this week I’ve been pretty accepting of it i thought but in reality I just cannot believe its real. Today was her wake which was scheduled four to eight but actually started at the latest three forty five and went long past eight. There were hundreds of people paying tribute to Nini, a long line ran outside the door and down around the street. There was a continuous flood if people. I just kept replaying how she said only a few days ago that when this time came it would just be a “small service” hahahaha there’s my Nini! To these we, Michael, Tan, and I all laughed Michael told her there would be millions of people. It was so amazing and it spoke for all she was and stood for. My friends like Erynn with Kerry her sis and Trina with Shayna came. But the most surprising and maybe even meaningful was Kap (Justin) coming with his father. I honestly was so touched that he came and stood out there in a line for so long just to be supportive. I feel yet I know my heart is broken. Scared too.


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