Plot Twist.

My existence is acknowledged.

Do you ever feel trapped in an invisible pod despite being in a crowed room? If so then we have that in common! I find myself constantly extending myself far past expectations to please and help people, but with little to well mostly no recognition. Don’t be mistaken I don’t need a pat on the back, praise, any of that, all I need is validation that I am of worth. Being tossed aside so easily my whole life by the people I’ve know the majority of my life. Now I am in no way trying to slander them, all are wonderful people!
I just am fed up. I can’t keep up with all if the hot n’ cold business and feeling like a door mat. So I try, push myself far out of my comfort zone, only to have people react in a way I interrupted as trying to shove me back in it. Though I know I’m not invisible both literally and figuratively I also know that I’m treated that way.

not good enough


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