Monkeys throwing thier poop.

Today I learned that lovely image and it’s meaning by the school psychologist. I have been pretty upset over the loss of my friend and her negative personality change, and last night it was the crack that broke the dam. To be in the high school and function as close to “normal” is made quite difficult by the many that seem to intentionally block this for me. Here is the real issue, I am still myself, I still have the same core beliefs and continue to behave appropriately. The backlash of people is not only based in peers but also so called “professionals” in the school. Being overlooked and treated this way does personally but I cannot feel personally attached  to ALL the situations. My anxiety rose extremely high causing me to feel overwhelmed this morning. When I spoke to the psychologist I felt pathetic, per usual, and without even realizing I felt responsible for the way others interacted and treated me. She deiced to share her person coping strategy that she learned in grad school, sometimes people are just like monkeys throwing their poop at you. Naturally you hear this and immediately find yourself unsure of how to grasp this. The poop is others emotions, struggles, etc.. being thrown at you. When someone treats you negatively for no legitimate the explanation is not you but them, what they are facing. Sometimes people just try to toss their crap all over others because they feel that because of some reason it is okay, and some times it is unintentional. Control is a personal human demand. By blaming things that happen on yourself believing that it is your fault almost is easier than accepting it is just someone throwing their poop at you. Control is sometimes hard to control so I am in no way insisting that this thought will make it all feel better again but instead encourage you to let go a little bit, you don’t have to take ownership of everything. One more thing, I am not an expert at this at all, in fact I have a major need to listen to this advice, learning this ideation it gave me a boost in trying.

Best wishes



One thought on “Monkeys throwing thier poop.

  1. Understanding this concept is very difficult and will help you grow stronger

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