Today is but another day and I am

Today is but another day and I am but another organism floating through this sea of life. I do not where it will take, what will happen, or whom I will meet. What I do know is at one point it will end. I do not know when that will be or what will be the cause but that is the only thing I am sure of. So I must just continue on until my sea comes to a whirling end.

Death is the only thing in life that is definite; everything else is but chance. We spend all our earthly time so focused over all the little details rather than just enjoying what was here before and will be here after us. Every breath we breathe is to be savored, ever glimpse of the sun or moons light, all the moments just being are to be cherished. For we can loose all we treasure before we even realize they matter to us. Left there to stare at emptiness and regret of all the possibilities you missed. For what though? It was unintentional, it just happens, right? Well if you are predicting that the next thing you will read is the answer to this, to life, I am sorry to tell you that you are mistaken. There is no answer, there isn’t even a question, you have to write your own. 

         With my life I hope for many things, do I know whether any of the will happen? No. But that doesn’t mean to just store them all in head and accept that they are “unachievable”. Once you’ve done that you’ve choose that fate, the fate of hopeless dreams. Come on that just sounds unfortunate. I have experienced true hopelessness, I’ve begged for the inevitable end of me, I screamed and fought myself over life and death. Having hope can be very difficult, I find myself to have hopeful moments and hopeless moments. In order to get through the moments of hopelessness you need something to look to, to hope for. Even just getting through that moment when you wanted it to be your last that is something to give you hope, you did it. Step outside and just look around you, at the colors you see, the sounds you hear, really try to listen and look deeply. To hear the muffled sound of frogs croaking try and find the buried shade of lavender that you never notice on the building you see everyday. Then just be.


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