Another Day

It’s true that nobody said it would be easy.. but no one bothered to say it would be this hard. I guess it just feels like I am chasing my tail or something. The moments when I get lost in my thoughts and really have to think about what is changing, I find myself paralyzed in fear. How can I possibly change all of it? Nows my chance to recreate myself.. but will I be able to do that is the answer I need.


2 thoughts on “Another Day

  1. YES you can….you are DOING it….one step at a time….one issue at a time…. I want to be a part of your life and to help you in any way I can….keep taking those small steps forward…. set goals and make plans and ask for help…. I LOVE you!!!!

  2. One step at a time, Gabby. One thought, one challenge, one measurable goal. You have done so much…just keep pressing ahead and reach out to those around you as much as you can! Love you to the moon an back!

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